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Chinese massage

Sometimes it takes very little to achieve inner harmony. Just a little attention to yourself. Qi Anmo Chinese Massage Salon, with Master Wendong Li at the forefront, has been offering Chinese massage in Lithuania for almost a decade. Its techniques have undergone extensive improvement in China for several thousand years.

Chinese massages are based on a holistic approach to the human body and its problems, with a special focus on Qi energy. It is believed that physical pain is a state of inappropriate and unbalanced Qi energy, and massages are designed to harmonize it and to restore it to its original state.

With the help of over 360 Qi energy channels and meridians in the human body, it is possible to reduce or eliminate various body aches, regulate blood pressure that is too high or too low, and even cure a person from urinary tract stones. And during a foot massage performed by an experienced master, with the help of 63 reflex points in the feet, even toothache can be identified! It is during Chinese massage that the affected Qi energy channels allow the Qi energy to start circulating property and thus cure the physical ailments of the human body.

In addition to Chinese, Japanese massages with the elements of Shiatsu acupressure as well as sports, deep tissue and aromatherapy full-body massages are performed. Various facial massages are performed – rejuvenating Chinese, Japanese Kibido and others.

Qi Anmo salon also offers a variety of beauty and skin care treatments for your convenience.






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